Hans-Eddy GBOSSA

Solution name: Belle Imagerie

Hans-Eddy GBOSSA

27 Years Old
General area of healthcare

Health Systems Strengthening

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Peri urban

Health problem addressed

There is an absence of radiologists in medical imaging centres in hospitals across Africa. This means that appropriate interpretation of radiological examinations is insufficient, especially for populations living in more remote areas. In addition, expensive medical equipment for radiology is prohibitive in Africa resulting in equipment that is not adapted to the healthcare needs of communities. In terms of pharmaceutical information, there is also currently no official platform in Benin for the referencing of legal pharmaceuticals and medical devices in the market that can allow citizens quick access to healthcare information for correct medical prescription.

Detail on the solution

Hans-Eddy GBOSSA is a medical imaging practitioner based in Benin and is currently studying his Masters in Science and Technics of Medical Imaging in Benin. He has always dreamt of transforming the medical imaging practice through the application of technology. Belle Imagerie (www.belleimagerie.net) is a web platform that was launched in December 2016 that serves to connect radiological centres, radiologists and patients for the correct interpretation of radiological examinations in real-time. The examination results are available 24/7 for the patient and their medical support team to access anytime from any location where internet connectivity is available. The patient is alerted of updates on their file via SMS and in this way can build up an electronic medical record. SIFAM, another related innovation, supports the dissemination of medical information or summaries of legally authorised medical products relating to pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Benin. The solution is Android and web-based and has three modules devoted to the users’ (prescribers and patients) pharmacological education.

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