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It is known that a well-developed innovation ecosystem provides the much needed impetus for development and scaling of sustainable innovations. The opportunities that have been unlocked by innovations is unmatched especially in the health sector. Empirical evidence has shown that locally generated innovations accelerate better health outcomes, reduce inequities, and have huge scope for prevention and care by harnessing the rapid growth in information and mobile technology in the African continent.

However, many innovations in Africa face a huge bottleneck that hinder them from transition to scale because many countries lack innovation-friendly policies and enabling environments to support establishment of a robust innovation ecosystem. This is despite the incredible efforts by local innovators to contribute to the healthcare system. In order to complement efforts by the African innovators, the WHO in the African region (WHO AFRO) has stepped in and developed a virtual marketplace that seeks to connect different international and local players in the innovation ecosystem to identify and support innovative ideas emerging from the African continent

The major aim of the Innovation marketplace is to identify promising health innovations, delineate critical path and work with different stakeholders including funders and governments to help bring these innovations to scale.
WHO AFRO is, therefore, calling for all stakeholders interested in being part of this virtual innovation ecosystem to be plugged in this marketplace platform. The call is particularly directed towards health innovators, funders (philanthropy, private sectors or venture capital firms), researchers, universities, incubators, accelerators, civil society, NGOs, international organizations and different sectors of government including health.


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We encourage you to use this platform to share your news, views and updates on important matters as they relate to advancing healthcare in Africa. Grow your network and knowledge and let the WHO Regional Office for Africa support you in your mission.

How it Works

Are you interested in partnering with WHO to scale up health innovations on the African continent? Look no further! If you are an innovator, researcher, funder, private company or government institution and you are interested to be part of this marketplace, please login and follow the prompts.

Login and register on the marketplace. Then create project(s) for each of the initiatives that you want profiled.

From time to time, WHO will be running innovation challenges and calling for applications. This will be advertised through the WHO Platform. Please login and follow the prompts to be kept up to date with any news regarding new applications.

Whether you are an innovator looking for funding, or a funder looking to invest, please login and use the search criteria to find a match. Contact WHO to request introductions. 


Leveraging innovation to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable. This is by linking the three dimensions of innovation scaling which are highlighting the health demands and priorities of countries, identifying ready to scale innovations and amplifying those innovations.



A world in which all people attain the highest possible standard of health and well-being through innovative ways.

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