Frequently Asked Questions

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All applications must be submitted online via the WHO Africa Innovation Challenge platform
Registration on the platform is a compulsory requirement as a login and precursor for your application submission. By registering on the platform you can complete your application in stages i.e. save and return to your application in your own time.
Yes, non-African nationals can apply to the Challenge provided they are currently residing in an African country. If not residing in an African country then the local African-based entity will need to apply.
Yes, one applicant who is applying on behalf of themselves or an organisation is allowed to submit more than one application submission
Yes, the Challenge will accept solutions that are not yet formally registered. Please refer to the Eligibility and Selection Criteria sections.
A social enterprise is an organisation (business, not for profit or a combination of both i.e. hybrid entity) whose primary objective is social impact.
All submissions will be adjudicated by an independent panel of specialists. Each application submission will be evaluated based on its level of innovation and potential impact on the health sector in Africa. Shortlisted applicants will be notified sometime between mid January and February 2019. We expect a large volume of applications but will endeavour to provide any relevant updates to all applicants throughout the Challenge process.
The final announcement is expected to be made around the beginning of March 2019.
If you are selected as a finalist you will need to be available for travel from Sunday 24 March 2019 to Friday 29 March 2019 to participate in the Africa Health Forum in Cape Verde. to participate in the Africa Health Forum in Cape Verde. You will need to be in possession of a valid passport and all required visa, vaccination and other travel compliance requirements in order to take full advantage of this sponsored opportunity award. Onus for ensuring a valid passport and legal entry into Cape Verde for the required travel dates rests solely upon the applicant.
Please refer to the Privacy Policy and Intellectual Property Statement sections on the site.