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WHO AFRO Innovation unit partnering with i3 on a health product distribution innovation challenge

01, July 2022 - 09:00 | COVID-19 Health Innovations

From the onset of Covid-19 pandemic, supply chain across industries including the health sector were disrupted across the world. This resulted in high demand for innovative solutions to address such health needs in the African region and the world. Therefore WHO AFRO through its innovation platform has been showcasing the various science driven innovations developed in the African region and across the globe in various areas including Covid-19, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Vaccine delivery and more.  

WHO AFRO Innovation unit on a quest to influencing innovation in the African region through fostering, scaling up and amplifying science driven innovations, continues to support scaling up of cost-effective innovations across the various  African countries' health sectors. One of these initiatives is by partnering with organizations such as i3 through this 2022 innovation challenge which will help support companies who offer data-driven innovations which assist with the distribution of medicines, consumables, medical devices, assistive technologies, and medical waste in African health care systems. The rewards and benefits under this challenge will include a $50,000 grant as well as access to leading donors, industry and institutional players who will support introductions to customers. WHO AFRO is also partnering in this 2022 challenge in order to support innovators and integrate their innovations across the African health systems, addressing the various health related needs targeting difficult to reach areas and marginalized communities. To apply for this challenge please visit the following link https://innovationsinafrica.com/application


10, May 2022 - 08:10 | COVID-19 Health Innovations

WHISPA is a mobile application that serves to equip and educate young people about their sexual and reproductive health (SRH) while connecting them to products and services in a discrete manner.  The application offers young people access to quality sexual and reproductive health education. This is through services such as private or anonymous telemedicine consultations, contraceptive counselling, affordable means to book contraceptive appointments, cervical cancer screening and vaccination, comprehensive tests for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and more. The target group is mainly women and the aim is to empower them. WHISPA was launched in Nigeria in April 2020 through the personal and professional experiences that the founder faced due to challenges that young people continually face when trying to access sexual and reproductive healthcare. In addition, WHISPA was one of the Top 30 innovations selected by WHO AFRO for the 2019 Innovation challenge. For more information about the WHISPA platform, click here.

ERQ MA’ED Media and Mental Health

23, March 2022 - 08:10 | COVID-19 Health Innovations

Erq Ma’ed works to bring a mentally stable society, psychologically healed generation and consciously decision-making community by using social media to drive social change with an aggregate of more than 5 Million Facebook and YouTube engagements. Erk Mead Media and Communication is a pioneering centre in Ethiopia that offers social awareness, psychological therapy, psychosocial training for youth, couples and marriage counselling and support for children and families. The programme includes support offered through a bi-weekly radio show on mental health, depression, forgiveness therapy, reconciliation, trauma and child and women psychosocial health Mental and psycho-social health.

Erq Ma’ed receives over 20,000 calls for assistance each year from across the country. Most calls are for issues related to domestic and sexual violence, marriage crises, trauma, depression, low self-esteem, inappropriate parenting/child abuse, economic problems and compounded stress. The organization provides support free of charge to over 2000 people/year and subsidizes the cost of this service by hosting a weekly radio program which has millions of listeners and sponsors who buy airtime for commercial advertisement services.