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1st WHO/AFRO COVID-19 Webinar

20, May 2020 - 13:00 | COVID-19 Health Innovations

The WHO/AFRO webinar showcased innovations deployed for COVID-19 response in Africa. The innovations included; Triaging for COVID-19, Covid-19 Pandemic Management Innovative, real time technology solutions to manage COVID-19, addressing both patient demand and facility supply presented by Joni Watson from South Africa; mSafari a passenger manifest and data analytics platform that provides Government and Public Transport Stakeholders with commuter data insights garnered through analysis of commuter travel data presented by Ronald Osumba from Kenya;
SAFECARE4COVID, A free, globally accessible mobile app that enables a facility staff to do self-assessment using their own mobile phone, to report on the availability of equipment, staff and supplies, as well as check on their own processes and knowledge to treat patients for Covid-19 while staying safe presented by Hayat Essakkati from Nigeria;
Diagnostic test for COVID-19, a serological and diagnostic marker that can both accurately diagnose Covid-19 infections and assist with surveillance to track the spread of the pandemic presented by Laud Anthony Basing from Ghana;
Rapid bed deployment for COVID-19, beds designed by Xanita for rapid deployment and can be set  up in large open indoor venues such as  exhibition halls, conference rooms and community centres presented by  Skhumbuzo Ngozwana from South Africa; and Mobile testing facility, Nigeria’s first COVID-19 mobile testing booth presented by Ola Brown from Nigeria.