Dr. Ime Asangansi

Solution name: Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation Dashboard

Dr. Ime Asangansi

37 Years Old
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Health Systems Strengthening

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Data use for decision making in healthcare in Nigeria is severely hampered by the insufficiency of quality information, low trust in routinely collected data and the multiplicity of data collection activities. The issue of limited or no integrated and comparative analysis of available health datasets to fill data gaps also continues to exist. In addition, despite the multiple surveys conducted on a regular basis, non-routine data is not maximally utilized as the analysis of this data is mainly limited to descriptive analysis, even though predictive analysis and data triangulation will provide deeper insight.

Detail on the solution

Dr. Ime Asangansi holds a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Oslo, Norway and a medical degree (MBBS) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is also an experienced software engineer and DHIS2 software programmer and is the CEO of eHealth4everyone, the company through which he developed this innovation. The Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation Dashboard combines and links and triangulates multiple data sources in one platform. In this way, data can be checked for completeness as consolidated data provides richer insights. The dashboard functionality allows for the visualisation of data in the form of charts and maps which can be shared, downloaded and printed.  Charts have a target line added to visualise states that have reached the national targets. The solution allows multiple indicator and data source comparison using different visualisation types. Lastly, the design of the platform includes interactive features, tour guides for easy user experience and offline functionality to enable use in the absence of internet connectivity. The platform has been successfully deployed for the Nigerian Government and can be viewed at https://msdat.fmohconnect.gov.ng

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