Dr. Gasana Joel

Solution name: CompanionApp

Dr. Gasana Joel

25 Years Old
General area of healthcare

Major Infectious Diseases

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Health problem addressed

Rwanda, like most African countries, has a high HIV prevalence rate at 3,3% with an annual incidence of 1,7% and 80% of people living with HIV/AIDS on Antiretroviral Treatment (ART). Strict adherence to ART is required for optimal virologic and immunological outcomes, prevention of drug resistance and longer survival. More than 40% of youth HIV patients are non-adherent to ART and in 2016 Rwanda had approximately 3300 deaths due to HIV/AIDS and a HIV maternal to child transmission rate of more than 7%. All these factors were due to poor follow up of HIV patients and adherence to ART.

Detail on the solution

Dr. Gasana Joel is a young health innovator based in Rwanda and the co-developer of the HIV support innovation, CompanionApp. CompanionApp is a mobile application linking HIV positive patients and their healthcare providers. The innovation aims to improve patient follow up and adherence to antiretroviral treatment. CompanionApp works as an online platform with broadband connection and also has USSD compatibility for people with limited access to internet. CompanionApp also works to provide support and services, such as medication reminders, viral load and CD4 count check-up reminders as well as safe and confidential medication home delivery.


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