Dr. Ebinabo Ofrey

Solution name: GeroCare

Dr. Ebinabo Ofrey

40 Years Old
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Health Systems Strengthening

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The vast majority of elderly citizens (65 years or older in age) in Nigeria, and many other African countries, battle severely with deteriorating health across many different ailments. In most of these cases, neither the state nor their adult children or extended families are able to manage this situation adequately. GeroCare is solving the absence of a structure for medical care for the elderly and improving on the current average life expectancy in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Detail on the solution

Dr. Ebinabo Ofrey is a medical doctor of 16 years and a business and strategy consultant. He has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Ibadan and an MBA from UCSI University of Malaysia. He is the CEO and Cofounder of GeroCare Solutions Ltd. GeroCare leverages technology to provide a structure for medical care for the elderly and traditional African family values of adult children taking care of their parents. Gerocare makes it easy for Africans within and outside their home countries to subscribe for regular doctor home visits for their parents. Individuals are able to do register patient details and make payments through the GeroCare application. Patients are immediately matched with a doctor who is in close proximity, and monthly medical visits begin. The family is updated with regular information as to the health status of the patient. In addition, the family can pay for any required tests and drugs via the app for direct delivery.

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