Dr. Ashifi Gogo

Solution name: Sproxil Defender

Dr. Ashifi Gogo

37 Years Old
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Counterfeit medicine is a dangerous, multi-billion dollar problem that plagues patients, regulatory bodies and the global health care industry.  Moreover, fake anti-malarial and tuberculosis drugs alone account for over 700,000 reported annual deaths, according to the International Policy Network. The issue is worse in emerging markets in Asia and Africa, where limited resources create opportunities for counterfeiters to profit from the lives of others. Sproxil's award-winning Defender solution is an anti-counterfeiting approach that addresses the problem of counterfeit medication across the globe.

Detail on the solution

Dr. Ashifi Gogo is the founder and CEO of Sproxil. Under his leadership, Sproxil developed its award-winning Sproxil Defender technology that has been used over 80 million times by consumers in 6 countries to verify the authenticity of products. Sproxil's technology allows individual consumers to verify the authenticity of products for free, via a mobile phone. To use Defender, the consumer locates a special security label with a scratch-off panel displayed on the product. Once scratched, a unique single-use code is revealed. The consumer uses their mobile phone to send Sproxil the unique code and receives an instant response at the point of purchase. Sproxil works over text message, mobile app, call centre and online at Sproxil.com. Post-verification, consumers can receive helpful product information that promotes safe, efficacious and successful product use. The Sproxil Defender solution is innovative because it empowers consumers with the right information to make the best purchase decision instantly at the point of sale.


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