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Artificial intelligence-powered chatbot to empower cancer patients augment the Oncology-patient gap

12, April 2023 - 09:05 | COVID-19 Health Innovations

Hurone AI has a flagship app, Gokiza, that uses Artificial Intelligence and Data analytics to personalize prevention and early detection of cancer. The app supports cancer patients to better manage their care, increase access to oncologists, and navigate complex healthcare systems for better treatment compliance and improved cancer outcomes. Patients are able to report side effects, understand their treatment regimen and be more compliant. On the other hand the oncologists are able to remotely monitor their patients. The solution not only democratizes access to cancer care and follow up but it also reduces costs of travel and consultations  whilts also providing critical data insights to understand treatment responses and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

SnooCODE RED Emergency Services

12, April 2023 - 09:05 | COVID-19 Health Innovations

SnooCODE RED is a digital offline emergency services system that enables responders to determine the nearest and most suitable health assets for patients in need, such as ambulances, hospitals, and doctors. The system can also dispatch a drone to the emergency site for quick surveys and medical deliveries. The application allows for easy navigation to and from the emergency scene, improving response time and the patient’s chances of survival. All this happens offline without the internet or a SIM card meaning responders can still reach patients at best possible time in remote areas and even in times of disaster. In trials with the Ghana National Ambulance Service, we helped improve response times by up to 56%. SnooCODE RED Development Partners programme aims to build a community to provide ambulance services across Africa to improve emergency response time, share emergency health knowledge among community members and drive access to communication devices and other relevant tools through collaboration on different grant opportunities.

Shonaquip social enterprise

12, April 2023 - 09:00 | COVID-19 Health Innovations

ShonaquipSE is a social enterprise that supports families of children with disabilities through provision of rural appropriate and locally manufactured modular wheelchairs and 24 hour posture support devices for children. ShonaquipSE builds well-functioning ecosystems that effect systemic change and empowerment for social inclusion through capacity building, advocacy and services. The ecosystems aim to a) change perceptions of disabilities b) increase access & appropriateness of assistive technology (AT) delivered by confident & competent therapists c) increase the number of children participating in play & learning d) mobilize parents to monitor everyday barriers to policy delivery. Quality AT is available and supported by confident trained therapists, more children welcomed into supportive inclusive preschools, more parents informed and confident to make choices about their children's futures. ShonaquipSE has approximately 21000 direct beneficiaries per annum and is currently woking across South Africa and 5 neighbouring countries.