The Twende Initiative: Available, Affordable, and Accessible Menstruation

The Twende Initiative: Available, Affordable, and Accessible Menstruation

Jennifer Rubli




Femme International is an NGO that operates in the East African region where the organisation has successfully developed and implemented a comprehensive education-based intervention along with distribution of reusable menstrual products. Twende capitalises on user demand from school-based education programmes to make quality, reusable menstrual products available, accessible, and affordable in local markets. Sales agents conduct community workshops and comprehensive menstrual and reproductive trainings to educate and sensitise communities, then offer products for sale. Twende also works to educate and engage men at meetings, workshops, on Facebook, and door-to-door. The solution will include an appropriate payment schemes which will allow users to afford their product. The menstrual cups are bell-shaped receptacles made of medical-grade silicone which will be worn vaginally to collect and not absorb blood. The menstrual cups can be worn up to 12 hours and last 10 years. They require little water and do not alter vaginal flora. The reusable pads are washable and can last up to 2 years.