Pan-Filovirus Rapid Diagnostic Test

Pan-Filovirus Rapid Diagnostic Test

Dr. Misaki Wayengera




The Pan-Filovirus Rapid Diagnostic Test is premised on the identity of conserved epitopes of filovirus glycoprotein (GP) with potential for intra-genera differentiation. The solution has identified and patented B cell epitopes of filovirus glycoprotein and has validated the ability of synthetic epitopes and their antibodies to capture host specific IgG responses in survivor serum and recombinant GP, respectively. The solution has tested filovirus antigen and IgM capture sandwich ELISAs on live-virus within a P4 (NICD-SA). Prototypes of the RDTs (Ag, IgM, and IgG) have been developed. This test solution is currently undergoing testing and optimisation of various sample buffer reagents that unmask epitopes concealed by post-translational modifications. These RDTs could enable early detection and thereby control and prevention of viral haemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) at the point of care within village settings.