Richard Seshie


Côte d’Ivoire


ALLO SANTE (Hello Health in English) is an online doctor chat service and booking platform on social messaging platforms (i.e. Facebook and WhatsApp) aimed at low income households. While current online doctor booking apps focus on those who have resources, Allo Sante is committed to low income patients in African cities. These patients struggle with medical consultation costs and excessive wait time. this can be up to 4 hours in public hospitals in Cote d'Ivoire. Through ALLO SANTE, Richard connects urban low income earners to a free doctor chat on WhatsApp and Facebook where they can access medical advice without any stigma. However, when a case requires a medical consultation, the doctor refers the patient to ALLO SANTE's network of affordable partner hospitals. The fee is $12 against the average cost of $30 in a private hospital. The patient can then book and receive his consultation confirmation through a USSD short code from their mobile phone and pay via mobile money.