Marie Chantal Umunyana




Umubyeyi is a digital health platform that provides information directly from specialists to women on maternal and child health and parenting through the web, mobile, and mobile social media channels. Umubyeyi which is Kinyarwanda for 'mother' equips young mothers, pregnant women and prospective parents with essential information that enables them to improve their health and that of their children. As a woman, future doctor, mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend, Marie Chantal believes that no woman should go through motherhood and the reproductive health journey without the necessary knowledge and social support. Marie Chantal's passion for maternal health is borne from her motherhood experience. She has faced many challenges and unanswered questions around facets of parenting, child health and how to be a mother. She challenged herself to help others tackle the journey of motherhood right from preparation pregnancy to parenting and child upbringing.