Kaaro Health Uganda Limited

Kaaro Health Uganda Limited

Angella Kyomugisha




Kaaro Health is a social enterprise that aims to increase access to healthcare in Africa’s most remote areas. Kaaro Health deploys telehealth enabled container clinics staffed by a nurse and a lab technician from the local communities in villages with no clinic within a 25 kilometre radius. Since 2017 Kaaro Health has completed over 120 000 clinic visits and facilitated over 8 000 births via 36 container clinics and an additional 40-50 partner clinics. As a result, more people now have access to fundamental health needs, thus reducing the time and cost burdens of seeking care. While ensuring healthcare access, Kaaro Health also supports qualified nurses to own and operate clinics in remote areas based on their lease to own business model. Kaaro Health provides targeted financial and business management training to these nurses to have the skills to grow and own these container clinics and sustain their businesses.