Morenike Fajemisin




WHISPA is a mobile app that provides young people with private, even anonymous, access to a variety of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) information, products and services. The WHISPA app is intelligent and can make recommendations for the most suitable contraceptive method by taking into consideration medical and sexual history, while following WHO eligibility guidelines. WHISPA does not only screen users for contraceptive method eligibility, but also ensures usage by utilising mobile phones’ GPS capabilities to refer its users to selected adolescent-friendly health providers within their vicinity. In addition to helping to improve contraceptive use, WHISPA links young people to many other SRH products like STD test kits, STD vaccines and more. It is also able to allow young people to have private consultations with a WHISPA doctor through its chat with a doctor function. This solution aims to address the problems of societal and health provider judgment and bias that discourages young people from accessing sexual and reproductive health information and care seeking. All these problems are made worse through myths, misconceptions and abstinence-only advice from people in their society. Another problem addressed by WHISPA is the issue of low contraceptive use among young people which is compounded by poor quality contraceptive counselling and biased prescribing from healthcare providers. This can result in a young person receiving poor quality of care and poor customer experience while attempting to seek contraceptives or any sexual health services.