Chlorine Production Using Solar Energy

Chlorine Production Using Solar Energy

Immanuel Hango




Namibia Chemicals has developed a solution to produce chlorine by electrolysing salt using 100% solar energy as a means to fight cholera in an environmentally friendly manner. There has been a recurrence of Cholera and Hepatitis-E outbreak in Namibia and Africa at large with many associated fatalities recorded. Cholera is caused by the vibrio cholera bacteria found in dirty or sewerage water. Cholera can be easily prevented by simply purifying water with diluted chlorine, however, the product chlorine is not easily accessible to those living in rural areas. A spoonful of chlorine can dilute up to 20 litres of dirty water, but currently, all chlorine products are imported into Namibia which makes it expensive for the ordinary Namibian to afford.The company is founded by Immanuel Hango, a Civil Engineer by profession who also hold an MBA in entrepreneurship from Steinbeis University, Berlin.