Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any inquiry please visit our Contact page

Please refer to the Contact section on the site. We will be managing a large volume of queries but will make every effort to respond to your query within 48 hours.
The evaluation and selection process for the Challenge needs to be as fair and thorough as possible. For this reason you are requested to attach supplementary documentation to assist the adjudicators to better understand the solution, as well as to have proof of the validity and viability of the solution. You are requested to submit the following documents with your application (note that none of these documents are compulsory to submit):
  • A 1-page reference letter (including the contact details of the person) as an endorsement of your solution i.e. a letter from either a client/customer/investor/mentor or service provider (PDF only)
  • Upload any relevant technical specifications (if applicable; PDF only) 
  • Upload any documentary evidence of stage of regulatory compliance (if applicable; PDF only)
  • A short (absolute maximum 1-minute) video that covers the following points: Your name; your country of origin; the problem and the solution. If your solution is a product or device then it is recommended you include it in the video
  • A copy of your CV (PDF only)
  • A copy of the page in your passport that displays all passport details