Mirembe Chat Bot

Mirembe Chat Bot

The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG)


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Mirembe chatbot, an artificially intelligent health adviser helps you make health decisions based on your symptoms. It offers free triage and care advice to health symptoms in Facebook Messenger. When someone interacts with a chatbot, it scans their message for a trigger and responds with predefined messages. Mirembe’s AI is crafted to process the health symptoms provided against a user’s age, gender, symptom severity, and any known medical problems to provide a triage recommendation and advice. To interact with the Mirembe chatbot, a user must open Facebook Messenger, type “Mirembe” in the search tab, and then search or by simply following the direct link http://m.me/mirembebot. When you click open Mirembe in Messenger for the first time, select the “Get Started” button.