E-health/telemedicine ultrasound radiology service

E-health/telemedicine ultrasound radiology service



Antenatal care




ITWA developed software (utilizing Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) that compresses and transmits full ultrasound images via the internet. During ultrasonography, the probe is passed across the abdomen of the pregnant woman in a series of six prescribed sweeps using a low-frequency transducer, so acquiring a series of static images. These images are de-identified and stored locally on a computer before being compressed and transmitted digitally via an internet connection. They can then be immediately viewed by participating radiologists, the majority of whom are local Ugandan radiologists who volunteer to interpret the scans. An abbreviated report of the findings is sent via SMS to the nurse/midwife’s cell phone, and a full report is sent by email, usually within an hour. In order for this to happen, there must be a laptop, a cell-phone, internet connection, and an ultrasound machine at the point-of-care.