Jacqueline Rogers

Solution name: My Pregnancy Journey

Jacqueline Rogers

South Africa
41 Years Old
General area of healthcare

Maternal Health

Innovation Category


Stage of Developement


Environment of use

Peri urban

Health problem addressed

Worldwide, there are various pregnancy applications available but none that are focused on the local South African or greater African context. The issues that pregnant women face in South Africa and in other African regions are not being adequately addressed through current technology. Current technologies for support are not linked to local products, services, hospitals, clinics, service providers, languages, metric systems or available medications. This innovation is an African-based app that aims to bring pregnancy and technology together in a more localised and relevant way.

Detail on the solution

Jacqueline Rogers is a serial entrepreneur with experience starting and growing enterprises related to pregnancy. She is the founder and Director of My Pregnancy Journey. My Pregnancy Journey is a locally relevant, well-researched and easy to use product which provides access to critical education and health material to educate, train and inform mothers on any issues they may be experiencing during pregnancy. The mobile application will include weekly baby size guides, gynaecologist and exercise videos, information of fetus growth and development, body and changes information, labour information, exercise techniques, nutrition tips, father and journal sections, daily articles, and other important information. A clinic card is also available on the app for users to document their tests and appointments that are needed for a healthy pregnancy and growing baby. 

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