Geoffrey Andrew

Solution name: Smart Paper Technology (SPT)

Geoffrey Andrew

Plan International
Geoffrey Andrew
30 Years Old
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Health Systems Strengthening

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Peri urban

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Maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality continue to be recognised internationally as public health priorities. More than 15 years since the launch of the Safe Motherhood Initiative (SMI), maternal and neonatal mortality levels in Kenya have continued to rise. Of all maternal deaths occurring globally, 99% of them occur in developing countries, with sub-Saharan Africa having the highest maternal mortality ratio and also the highest lifetime risk of maternal, neonatal and child deaths.

Detail on the solution

Geoffrey Andrew is a Public Health Officer by training from Kenya with a degree in Public Health and Master of Science degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. He currently works at Plan International working to improve MCH Services and increasing birth registrations in Kenya. The Smart Paper Technology (SPT) is an innovative digital mother and child health system based on Smart Paper Technology. The innovation allows for mother and child health data to be captured on paper by health workers and then scanned, digitised, and uploaded onto a hospital management system. SPT delivers all the benefits of electronic health record systems, and enables smooth implementation in clinics and areas without electricity, connectivity and security. Recording in paper forms means that onerous and potential erroneous administration and reporting routines can be reduced by 72%. Implementation and maintenance is also faster and more affordable compared to any other technology.

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