Dr. Ime Asangansi

Solution name: Integrated Supportive Supervision

Dr. Ime Asangansi

37 Years Old
General area of healthcare

Health Systems Strengthening

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The coordination of supportive supervision in health facilities has been inefficient over the years, with recorded cases of different health implementing partners conducting supportive supervision to the facilities they manage using different checklists, methodologies, metrics and frequencies. This situation has led to different analyses that contribute to complicated and misaligned recommendations, multiplication of efforts, as well as a waste of scarce resources and money.

Detail on the solution

Dr. Ime Asangansi holds a PhD in Information Systems from the University of Oslo, Norway and a medical degree (MBBS) from the University of Ibadan Nigeria. He is also an experienced software engineer and is the CEO of eHealth4everyone, the company through which he developed the ISS platform. The ISS platform integrates several checklists used by health partners when conducting integrative supportive supervision and makes this data easily accessible. The tool is web-based and can be used from a simple mobile device through an application. The solution is very easy to set up and can accommodate the input of data both online and offline. The solution enables GPS location, live signature and image capturing and storage, as well as the ability to download data and attachments for analysis and to accept or reject data submissions, as required. The platform has been deployed for the Nigerian Government and can be viewed at https://iss.fmohconnect.gov.ng



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