Dr. Doris Jema Onyeador

Solution name: Maldor Gift of Sight

Dr. Doris Jema Onyeador

35 Years Old
General area of healthcare

Health Systems Strengthening

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Maldor Gift of Sight programme is an innovation that addresses the prevention of avoidable blindness and rehabilitation for low-vision patients through access to basic eyecare. People based in rural communities have limited access to basic health services, including eye examinations, treatment and management. Eye clinics are mostly located in urban areas, thus making it difficult for rural dwellers to access eyecare services. This leads to high rate of avoidable blindness.

Detail on the solution

Dr. Doris Jema Onyeador is a qualified Optometrist and founder of Maldor, a Nigerian-based eyecare facility committed to providing affordable and quality eyecare services. The Maldor Gift of Sight programme provides quality eyecare and support to patients in low-income settings. Through the Gift of Sight Eyeclinic on Wheels model, the goal is to reach over 100,000 patients in the next 3 to 5 years using this innovative approach. Through this innovation, eyecare services, treatment, management, support and rehabilitation can reach even the remotest villages. The solution can reach and monitor eyecare in remote communities by scheduling clinic days to meet people where they are in a convenient, time saving and cost saving manner. The innovation will offer low-cost prescription eye glasses, medication and low-vision aids that solve problems such as poor sight and eye diseases. The solution will also serve patients who have lost their eyes through cancer and ocular accidents by fitting them with prosthetic eyes to help build their self-confidence.

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