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Risk communication & Community Engagement


Uganda, Africa


NextGenCoviAI is an Integrated Digital National COVID-19 Health Information Management Platform. The platform can be used by the: Ministry of Health to: (i) register all the screening units/hubs and provide a platform for online collaboration and telemedicine support among these hubs, (ii) view in real time all patients screened with results at each hub, (iii) manage task forces and human resource at each hub, (iv) manage resource allocation, planning, quantification and forecasting based on updated guidance, Quarantine management and (v) provide instant communication to the public: Screening Hubs to: (i) register patients, (ii) screen patients, (iii) communicate among Hubs, (iv) communicate to Testing Labs (like Uganda virus research institute), (v) share images for telemedicine support with support for automated analysis, (vii) Assign Daily Tasks and (viii) request resources from Ministry of Health; and The community to: (i) Obtain instant and real time communication from the ministry of health or Hubs, (ii) Provide a secure 2-way communication to the ministry or nearest screening hub about suspected COVID-19 patient, and (iii) provide automated COVID-19 Risk factors assessment from Home or from the nearest Health center via a tablet module installed at designated points.