My Pregnancy Journey App – Africa

My Pregnancy Journey App – Africa

My name is Jacqueline Rogers and I am from South Africa.

I was extremely overwhelmed with excitement when I got the news that my innovation made it to the top 30 innovators picked by The World Health Organisation Africa. Getting the opportunity to show case our projects at the 2nd World Health Forum held and hosted by Cape Verde was and is truly an honour to be part off.

After 3 transit flights, waiting for the next flight and long hours in the air, little did I know that landing in Cape Verde would be one life changing experiences waiting to happen.  I was part of the first group that landed, all of us from different parts all across the African continent, nobody knowing anybody. All of us strangers with the same state of mind, super tired but yet very excited to be part of this wonderful event and experience.

After a proper meet and greet, the innovators hit it off instantly, they all played a massive roll in my experience being so amazing. The next day we planned an exciting day out, road tripping and exploring Cape Verde. We drove from the one side of the Island right to the other side, stopping at all the beautiful viewpoints Cape Verde have to offer. This day created a sense of camaraderie between the innovators, what a pleasure being surrounded with like-minded people with the same goal in mind, making an impact on the health situation for all in Africa.

We had a jam packed program, from doing interviews, setting up for the event, presentations, functions and visiting important health care centres across the Island.  I was very excited to learn more about Cape Verde’s strong dedication to women, maternal health and prenatal care.  We also got to visit an adolescent pregnancy centre that gave me valuable insight for my project, being specifically aimed on Pregnancy health education that is focused on girls and women in Africa and their unique challenges.

The first day of the event was a day to remember, we got to meet the President of Cape Verde and introduce our amazing projects to him. WHO created a wonderful platform and opportunity for us to show case our solutions too many roll players in the health industry. Just to have the stamp of approval, exposure and support from WHO makes all of us, the 30 innovators, winners already.

I can easily say, the whole experience has been such a good boost of confidence for me personally and for the future of My Pregnancy Journey app. The experience has given me the insight to push our project to the next level and achieve our main goal, educating as many African girls and women on everything related to pregnancy and health.

We are very excited to launch our project soon and start changing Africa one pregnancy at a time.  I cannot wait for more amazing experiences like this, I wish I could do this all over again. Everything from start to finish was perfect, and for that I feel very grateful for this amazing opportunity, thank you WHO!


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